Life On Purpose

I am going to live life in the present, love myself and others lavishly, laugh out loud and often, and be loyal to the idea of letting loose!

That was me on 08/26/2012, and boy, did I feel that sentiment that day.  Everything in me was lighter and I became something I had never been…carefree.  It was odd and lovely, confusing and oh so welcome.  I have to remind myself of that statement from time to time but I don’t beat myself up about needing to refresh my memory.  We all need reminders at some point that we are taking things too seriously or not seriously enough… or that in the midst of a chaotic and challenging life it really does help to remember to be grateful for it all.  Everything that pitches itself at us or drags us down to our knees begging for mercy is a solid opportunity for growth.  I speak from an overwhelming well of experience.  I have grown far more than I thought I could and been stretched far more than I ever would have signed up for and it has been the most tragic and awesome time of my life.  So, live, love, laugh, and be loose because life is but for a moment!